Like Baseball, Football and Basketball all had color lines to break, so did Golf. Here’s a fact: In 1960 you still had to be “white” to play in a PGA sanctioned event. It was called the “Caucasian” rule. Charlie Sifford joined a 10-year legal battle waged by Ted Rhodes and Bill Spiller to strike down the PGA’s Caucasian-only rule, which was lifted in 1961. So until then no matter how good you were, what score you shot, you could not play. So think about this, Charlie Sifford was 39 when he was first allowed to play in a PGA Tour event. Tiger Woods turns 36 in 2011. Think about waiting 3 years to see Tiger play on the PGA Tour, while he’s been playing everywhere else he COULD play since he was 21. Just a thought!!

If you want to know more about African American Golfers and the hurdles they had to clear. I highly recommend reading “Uneven Lies” by Pete McDaniel & “Just Let Me Play” by Charlie Sifford you can find these books under my “Books” tab on this site.