I’ve always known that you’d have to be at a certain fitness level to play Golf, not at the level of Kobe Bryant but be in decent shape. Anyone that’s carried a bag or pulled one over a round can attest to how tiring it can be. During the golf season I try and play 6 to 8 rounds a month, of which I walk 2 or 3. Some courses are conducive to walking, others are not. Courses with a lot of protected areas sometimes have a long walk between the green and the next tee box. In those cases riding is the best way to go.
So fitness is important, I didn’t realize how important until I had a total hip replacement last year. The rehab went fine, and even though I put on some extra weight and hadn’t played in 10 months I felt that “Hey, I’m in my 40’s in relatively good shape, I can pick up where I left off”, nothing could have been further from the truth. 6 months after surgery I got a clean bill of health from my doctor and I was off to the Driving range to hit a bucket. I was hitting the ball pretty well, but to my surprise I couldn’t finish the bucket. My back, shoulders and legs were getting tired and cramping. My hip felt fine, even better then the other one. The first 18 holes I played, or should I say tried to, I made it through 6 before I needed a cart. I couldn’t believe it “This is golf!!” not Football. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I was hitting the ball “all over the place” If you were playing with me you would have thought it was the first time I swung a club. I mean I was shooting 84 on a “bad” day just a year ago. What’s going on!! From then on I started stretching more, got back in the gym and the pool. I knew I had to get “in shape” to be able to practice more and thus play better. The good news was most of my game was coming back, though I was still struggling off the tee and with scoring. I was practicing a lot, hitting a lot of balls ,but I couldn’t break 90, sometimes not 100. So I did some analysis of my game and realized I had to work on my course management and my swing. I had to get my scoring back to where it was in steps, not all at once.
What I came up with was “90 in 90” Breaking 90 in 90 days or less. It worked for me in 30 and kick started me back to where I wanted to be. I now realize how much fitness and your health can effect you golf game, and in the process how managing your game and the course can effect your score. I recommend my 90 in 90 program, as well as, some golf fitness books on this site; I’ve read and use them all. Check them out!!!! Also check out the Titleist Performance Institute website at www.mytpi.com for fitness advice. I saw it on the Golf Channel and it’s pretty cool.

Tim Maginley
Nubian Greens Golf