Charlie, L.T., Me, & Mike at Miami Country Club

I usually travel twice a year for golf. Once near the end of February to Florida and the second in November to Myrtle Beach. I’ve been doing this for 7 years or so. In the beginning I found that ALL the courses will take your money, but did I feel welcome? Did the golf course staff create a pleasant atmosphere for me and my buddies to enjoy our day on the links? How about after our round in the 19th hole? Sometimes the answer was “Yes”, sometimes “No”. In planning the trips I’d come to realized that most, if not all, of the “things to do”, “bars to go to” and “the nightlife scene” that we got from Travel books weren’t our “scenes” at all. Trust me we did eventually found some great places, but it took time. This page is where I’ll recommend cities to go to play golf, mention some courses to play and some local nightlife you may enjoy. I’d love your feedback and any gems you may have found. This can turn into a great place to check before making your golf travel plans. Remember: With airfare, hotel, green fees, time off, etc a lot is invested with your golf trip. So making it as enjoyable as possible is very important. Tim Maginley Nubian Greens Golf