I’m watching the President’s Cup and Tiger just lost another match. It went 18 holes and he lost on the last hole. Tiger played great tee to green, but didn’t make any putts. Some very close and lip outs all day. The thing that got me was Greg Norman. He was all happy, smiling, pumping his fist, high fiving everyone like HE won, like He beat Tiger. Now let me preface by saying he’s not one of my favorite players. He was good, one a couple of majors but would be considered a under achiever. We always heard about his helicopter, vineyard, the plane, clothing, etc. Suppose to be the next Jack Nicklaus, yeah right. So he came out and said Fred Couples shouldn’t have picked Tiger and that HE wouldn’t have. Can you say HATER? This is Tiger “F&#kin” Woods, are you kidding me? Granted he hasn’t been playing well and getting over an injury but Tiger wouldn’t jeopardize the team just because he wanted to play on it. He’s been trying to get healthy from injuries, as well as, going through a swing change. If he didn’t think he’d be able to help the US team win, he would have told Freddie. Tiger would have spent the rest of the working on his game and get ready for the 2012 season. If Norman thought Tiger wasn’t playing well enough wouldn’t he be happy he was playing for the other team Or could it be that Norman thinks Tiger doesn’t “deserve” to on the team based on his past “personal” problems. Norman also said he doesn’t think Tiger will get to Jack’s 18 majors. Why? Hater again. Tiger is 35 and has 14 majors. Something I remember Michael Jordan said about one of the reasons he was a great winner. It was all the people who said he couldn’t keep doing it, or someone was a “Jordan stopper”. The only one that can stop Tiger is Tiger. Do your thing Mr. Woods.

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